My “ah ha moment” !

I haven’t blogged in a long time. I thought I had so much to talk about and to share. I haven’t had much I wanted to blog about and haven’t even thought about my blog until today. I will be going on a mission trip in June to Peru and I want to share my journey with you. I had a “ah ha moment” today. I guess it is because I am getting ready to go on this amazing journey and it has made me look at things in a different light.

I assisted with 2 C-sections today. I never FULLY realized until today what a great opportunity and honor to be part of a person’s life than to help bring a new life in this world. I felt humbled to be part of such an important moment. At times I have felt cheated because we don’t have any children…….AND then today it dawned on me… I was sent to work in this field for a reason and Sometimes it takes a while to realize what you have and why you have it. So, just because I don’t have what others have doesn’t mean I don’t have what I need.

It is hard not to second guess your decisions in your life. So, If what ever decision you made and you have peace about it… Move on… God has a plan and he will show you the way and give you more than you could imagine. Even if it was never in your “plans or comfort zone”.

As I am getting ready to go to Peru for a Medical Mission Trip in June… I can’t help to imagine what I will discover, learn and appreciate. I truly feel like this is my path… This is what I have been chosen to do, and I can’t fathom how a nurse from a small town… out of the entire world finds herself getting ready to on an adventure of a lifetime.. From the moment I get the car to go to the airport to the moment I walk back in my front door will be a challenge for me. If you really know me… you know 1) I get car sick, 2) I don’t fly well, 3) I hate to be cold, wet and dirty, 4) I am a little bit of a germ-a-phob and 5) I have never done anything like this without my hubby….. Chris and I have never been apart more than a few days and we have always had access to the internet and cell phones. GULP!

So why am I going to Peru Without my hubby, my family, my friends, no electricity or running water, All with limited supplies and very few things from home……fly 6 hours there, travel 16 hours by bus and 8 hours on a 110 foot canoe boat down the Amazon River and hike for a couple of miles through the Amazon Jungle to a village who has never seen people outside of their village??? Because God told me to go… Because that is the next step in my live. Because that was his plan for me…. I think God let me have that moment in surgery TODAY for a reason.

I couldn’t imagine how I could I make a difference in Peru……Then today, I made a difference in the operating room. I was there and present. I held my patient’s hand and she told me she would never forget today and how much she appreciated me during her pregnancy and especially helping with the delivery of her son. She made me realize that I make a difference everyday (in the operating room, at the office or in my every day life) and if I can make that difference in a small town… Then how could I not make a difference in a small village who has nothing, no medical care, no hospital, no resources, no church or “community”.. to a group of people who know NOTHING of the world what we live in.

This is such a great opportunity and I am in AWE that I was selected. If you knew the story of how this trip had found me then you would know too… That this is God’s plan for me. Everyone tells me I will be “different” when I get back… I haven’t went yet and I am already different. It is crazy how knowing that I will be going to PERU has changed my out look on my everyday life already…. Please pray for me as I start gathering the rest of my supplies and funds.. That I will a great example of God’s plan and that I will make a difference to those there and along the way.

I GO because HE said GO!



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