Peru Itenarity

I thought I would share with you where I would be at each day on my mission trip. This is the second time that the RUMC (Roswell United Methodist Church) has been there (this with be my first time there and my first mission trip ever to anywhere). This will only be the second time the Ashaninca people have seen foreigners. They know nothing of our culture, they have never seen a car, they don’t have a hospital or clinic and they don’t know who President Obama is. These people are “new” as babies. They have no clue what goes on outside of their village.

Follow me each day……peru map


JUNE 12th: Leave for Lima, Peru from Atlanta, Georgia airport at 5:35pm and get to Lima, Peru at 11:35pm. Meet at the Lima Peru airport NO LATER than 12 midnight. Board our bus for overnight to San Martin de Pangoa in the Amazon.

JUNE 13th: 2-4pm arrive in San Martin de Pangoa, check into the hotel Casa Blanca. Maria (a local missionary )will prepare a GREAT dinner for our team.

JUNE 14th: 6:00 am load trucks and cars for 2 hour ride to Puerto Ocopa, and board boat for 8 hour ride down the Rio Ene (River Ene). Arrive in Boca Anapate, village of he Ashaninca, settle in our sleeping area, then set-up clinic. The Ashaninca have expressed their willingness to fix up several buildings for our use.

JUNE 15, 16, 17 Operate clinic from 8am—5pm daily.

JUNE 18th: Close clinic and pack-up at 1pm. Dinner celebration with entire team and Ashaninca!

JUNE 19th: Leave for Puerto Ocopa by boat up-river, then trucks and cars back to San Martin de Pangoa, arriving late afternoon. (if roads are open, if not we will go back by boat)

JUNE 20th: Tourist Day: Not sure about this yet as we may stay here in San Martin De Pangoa or go back to Lima. Still planning. We may go visit a local farm nearby (that was set up by past teams). This means we will leave for Lima in the morning or evening.

JUNE 21st: Either way we will be in Lima no later than 4pm to report to airport, take flights back anytime after 4pm. Most are all over-night flights.

JUNE 22nd: Arrive back home

Phew! I am so excited. I can’t wait to share with you about my trip.

Have you ever been on a mission trip ? Tell me what the most important thing I need to know or take with me….



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